Here at Medic ID Lab, we have the perfect solution of medical ID jewellery that can be engraved to show medical conditions, communicating important information to first-responders in an emergency. A hearing-impaired bracelet might not be on everyone’s mind, but being identified as a medical condition is often necessary, especially if involved in an emergency.

We have bracelets that are perfect for men, women and children in beautifully crafted leather to precious metal, matching and complementing your style, some are even waterproof too! Nobody said medical alert bracelets had to be plain and boring!

Some people with severe hearing loss or deafness may be fitted with a cochlear implant. This is an important piece of information when in a medical emergency. It is important to know that the patient would not be able to hear if the implant was knocked off or in an accident, also allowing the appropriate medical staff to know they are unable to have a normal MRI.

Deafness or profound hearing loss is a serious condition and it is important that those suffering from the condition are properly identified in a medical emergency. They may not be able to speak or communicate and can be unresponsive and a family member or friend may not be around at that time of the emergency.

A hearing impairment can be a difficult condition to have, as communication can be made more complicated, even in less stressful times. A hearing-impaired bracelet will let medical staff know how best to communicate with you and make the appropriate medical decisions that can save your life.

Always make sure that you or your loved one is wearing a hearing-impaired bracelet at all times especially when outside. Always wear the bracelet so it can be spotted easily. You think it might cramp your style, but it can mean the difference between getting the proper care you need and suffering serious medical consequences.

Our medical ID bracelets could save your life!


This women’s heart medical alert bracelet is made from stainless steel and comes in various sizes – 15cm, 17cm or 19cm. You can engrave the pendant up to 42 characters. A great compliment to your other jewellery letting others know that you have a hearing impairment. We advise that you have your medical condition engraved on the pendant. View product

Heart Medical Alert Bracelet


This men’s black with black clasp waterproof medical alert bracelet is perfect for those lovers of swimming and has proven to be popular with the men. It’s sleek and stylish and will complement any outfit. It comes in various sizes – 17cm, 19cm, 21cm and 23cm. You can engrave the clasp with up to 46 characters on both sides allowing people to act quickly when in an emergency. View product

Black With Black Clasp Waterproof Medical Alert Bracelet

Pretty pink and stylish, this child’s pink identity leather medical alert bracelet comes in two sizes – 18cm or 19cm. You can engrave the clasp with up to 46 characters on both sides, with the medical condition on the front and personal details on the back. View product

Pink Identity Bracelet Leather Medical Alert Bracelet